Cerol coffee aperitif: tradition and the latest processes in a single product. A product dating back to the 19th century that has remained popular over the generation since that time.

The product is made from macerating varieties of Arabica coffee selected by our master coffee makers and made to our own secret recipe. Incomparable. It is usually consumed as an aperitif or an evening drink, combined with a range of soft drinks and frappes.

Its great quality is backed by the Regulatory Board for Traditional Alicante Spirit Drinks.



Ref. Product Format U/Box EAN
57 Aperitivo Café CEROL 1000ml 12 8412148 00104 7
1783 Aperitivo Café CEROL 500ml 17 8412148 00110 8
887 Aperitivo Café CEROL 100ml 24


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