Liquors and Liqueurs

Nuestros licores están elaborados según la receta tradicional; se destilan y se maceran a baja intensidad sus ingredientes, de primera calidad, sin colorantes ni aditivos. Estos procesos de elaboración confieren a nuestros licores de un intento sabor y aromas, otorgando un sabor peculiar e inconfundibles. Toques dulces, amargos o picantes mezclados con el exquisito sabor del licor. Descubre Geruch Berg, Limocello di Maria, Vulcan Hot y North Glens whisky peach.

Geruch Berg

A symphony of specially selected herbs and plants plus a slow and painstaking maceration process give Geruch Berg a set of unique properties and a wonderfully distinctive flavour.


Il Limoncello di Maria de Destilerias Sinc is a slightly acidic product due to citrus, but it is very refreshing for the palate and with a lemon flavor that delights.


Mouth Vulcan Hot is bottled fire. A cinnamon liqueur with whiskey and a touch of chili, with a sweet aroma, unleashes all its passion and intensity with its spicy touch


One of the few liqueurs in which the peach aroma is achieved by a distillation process in copper stills.

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