Liquors and Liqueurs

Nuestros licores están elaborados según la receta tradicional; se destilan y se maceran a baja intensidad sus ingredientes, de primera calidad, sin colorantes ni aditivos. Estos procesos de elaboración confieren a nuestros licores de un intento sabor y aromas, otorgando un sabor peculiar e inconfundibles. Toques dulces, amargos o picantes mezclados con el exquisito sabor del licor. Descubre Geruch Berg, Limocello di Maria, Vulcan Hot y North Glens whisky peach.

Geruch BergImagen Destilerias Sinc

A symphony of specially selected herbs and plants plus a slow and painstaking maceration process give Geruch Berg a set of unique properties and a wonderfully distinctive flavour.

JABALÍImagen Destilerias Sinc
limoncelloImagen Destilerias Sinc

Il Limoncello di Maria de Destilerias Sinc is a slightly acidic product due to citrus, but it is very refreshing for the palate and with a lemon flavor that delights.

limoncelloImagen Destilerias Sinc
vulcanImagen Destilerias Sinc

Mouth Vulcan Hot is bottled fire. A cinnamon liqueur with whiskey and a touch of chili, with a sweet aroma, unleashes all its passion and intensity with its spicy touch

FUEGOImagen Destilerias Sinc
PEACHImagen Destilerias Sinc

One of the few liqueurs in which the peach aroma is achieved by a distillation process in copper stills.

licorWhisky PeachImagen Destilerias Sinc