Our coffee liquor production processes include making Cerol, a traditional coffee aperitif. Unlike other producers of coffee aperitif or coffee liquor, the coffee beans used for this drink arrive at our facilities in their raw state. This is so we can slow roast them ourselves in the traditional way. We know how to bring out the best aroma and flavour of the leading ingredient in this spirit drink.

Cerol coffee liquor is a product made from macerating varieties of Arabica coffee. Each one of these varieties has been selected by our master coffee makers and made to a secret recipe. All this enables us to obtain an incomparable and acclaimed drink. Its great quality is backed by the Regulatory Board for Traditional Alicante Spirit Drinks, proving its popularity and prestige.

It is usually consumed as an aperitif or an evening drink, although you can also combine it with a range of soft drinks or crushed ice. However you prefer it, our Cerol coffee aperitif can be adapted to suit your tastes, giving you a unique and exclusive flavour.

Suggestions. Cerol is ideal for making a range of combinations, such as the ones described below:

– Plisplay. Cerol combined with cola, in a tall tumbler with 40% Cerol coffee liquor and 60% cola. Perfect as an aperitif or as an evening drink.

– Burret. Cerol combined with cola and ice, in a tall tumbler with a couple of ice cubes, 40% Cerol coffee liquor and 60% cola. Perfect as an aperitif or as an evening drink.

– Mentira. Cerol combined with lemon frappe, 1/3 Cerol coffee liquor and 2/3 lemon frappe. The most delicious and refreshing drink.

– Cerol combined with lemon soda, 40% Cerol coffee liquor and 60% lemon soda. Ideal for an aperitif.

The miniature format is perfect for gifts at events and special celebrations.