In keeping with the tradition of our coffee liquor and the legacy of our ancestral coffee makers, we produce Café de Feta Descafeinado, a traditional flavour for people who prefer theirs decaffeinated.


Caffeine-free, a delicious flavour and a great aroma are all properties that make this liquor different to other coffee aperitifs. The product is characterised by the excellent combination of its unique intensity and flavour, in perfect harmony with its mild alcohol content.


For more relaxed moments, when you want to enjoy the flavour of traditional coffee liquor but you prefer a milder drink, Café de Feta Descafeinado is the perfect choice.


Product name:

Alcoholic Beverage


Alcohol Content

14% Vol.


Ref.                       Product                               Format      U/Box            EAN

1904                      Café de Feta Descafeinado                     50 cl.              17                 8412148005519