The company Licores Sinc S.A. was set up in 1964, but the founding families were making traditional spirit drinks as far back as the late 19th century. This is why the distillery wants to mark the occasion by launching Café Gelat, a coffee liqueur made according to an original 19th century formula.

Café Gelat is a coffee liqueur with a greater alcohol content, 19% proof, and a very intense coffee flavour, and it is also quite sweet. To make Café Gelat, our master coffee makers select the best coffees from a number of locations. The coffee beans used for this drink arrive at our facilities in their raw state. They are then roasted using traditional methods, after which they are macerated for the time required.

Café Gelat is another milestone in our 50th anniversary celebrations, marking half a century of excellence and innovation in the production and distribution of liquors and spirits.

Café Gelat is a special limited edition produced for the 50th anniversary of Licores Sinc, and can only be purchased from the Licores Sinc online shop or at the Licores Sinc plant.

Suggestions: Café Gelat is ideal for drinking straight or combined with lemon soda, 40% Café Gelat and 60% lemon soda. Ideal for an aperitif.