Gin EVER is the first London Dry Gin to be made in the Comunidad Valenciana region. It is different and a good balance between the freshness of Mediterranean citrus fruits and the aromas of plants from the Sierra de Mariola natural park, making a gin that is both distinctive and unique.

The spirit of Gin EVER is made up of 10 plants specially chosen for their quality and outstanding features.  The Alicante mountainsides have always been home to profuse numbers of botanical species, and this is where Gin EVER gets its very own variety of juniper, as well as rosemary and mint. They are joined by sweet orange and lemon zest, joining a collection of locally grown products that complement other top quality ingredients, such as cardamom from India, coriander from Morocco, angelica and peppermint.

Gin EVER is made using completely artisan methods and is distilled in traditional copper stills using a triple distillation process. The first phase involves only some of the elements that give the gin its character. The second phase gives Gin EVER its characteristic smoothness, so that in the third phase, only the heart is used. The outcome of this meticulous and traditional production process is that Gin EVER was awarded the Gold Medal at the CINVE 2012 international competition, where the jury is made up of experts from 30 countries.

Tasting note: Clear and crystalline, Gin EVER conquers the senses from the very moment it hits the glass. In the nose, the aromas from the natural park are beautifully orchestrated by the baton of a very characteristic juniper, which then gives way to soft aromatic notes from native plant species and Mediterranean citrus fruits. In the mouth it is clean and very smooth, harmonious and tremendously intense, all the elements that stand out in the nose become a consistent and well-structured mix in which rosemary accompanies the product’s aromatic features.

Suggestions: Its aroma and smooth texture makes Gin EVER ideal for drinking straight with ice. Gin EVER is completely at home on the cocktail scene and is perfect for making gin & tonic. Gin EVER is ideally accompanied by a slice of lemon or grapefruit, black pepper and rosemary; its aroma is highlighted by slightly spicy tonic waters such as pepper Schweppes, Fever Tree and 1724, making a unique gin & tonic that will delight the fussiest and most demanding palates.



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