Herbero comes from the wisdom and the legacy of our ancestors, who made the most of the profuse variety of plant species in the Sierra de Mariola, where in dry areas the forest is replaced by plants adapted to thrive in the arid soil. At first these plants were used for medicinal purposes, but later they were macerated and distilled to obtain Herbero de la Sierra de Mariola.

“Herbero de la Sierra de Mariola Serpis” is the aniseed flavoured spirit obtained by distilling and macerating herbs and plants such as fennel, sage, chamomile, mint and up to 15 varieties of aromatic herb collected in the area of the Sierra de Mariola mountains, in the province of Alicante, with plant-based neutral alcohol and 30% alcohol content.

Its specific designation is “Herbero de la Sierra de Mariola” and it is protected by the Regulatory Board for Traditional Alicante Spirit Drinks.

Herbero Serpis has a clear, greenish-yellow appearance, with an exquisite aroma provided by the wide variety of aromatic herbs and plants it contains. It has a delicious plant flavour, is dry in the mouth and with an aniseed background.

Herbero Serpis is best served either at room temperature or chilled, in a small wine glass or shot glass, and can be combined successfully with chilled lemonade.