La Cava liqueur is undoubtedly the most elegant and refined sweet herb liqueur available nowadays. It is based on powerful herbs such as fennel, sage, chamomile, mint and other aromatic herbs native to the Sierra de Mariola mountains. Its origins in our region means that our unrivalled distilled herb liqueur, traditionally known as “Herbero”, undergoes a unique and prestigious production process that closely follows artisan tradition by macerating herbs before distilling them in a copper still.

We should also add that the premium quality of our La Cava herb liqueur is backed by the Regulatory Board for Traditional Alicante Spirit Drinks, under the specific designation of “Herbero de la Sierra de Mariola Dulce”.

This is an exquisite liqueur that only the most refined palates can appreciate. Apart from having a delicious flavour and aroma, this herb liqueur has many health-giving qualities. This type of distilled spirit is famous for its digestive properties, especially after a heavy meal. The liqueur is best served either at room temperature or chilled and should be drunk slowly in small sips. This enables you to enjoy this drink to the full and notice all its small details.

Its unique properties give it a very characteristic sweet flavour that is the envy of other distilled spirits, plus an intense aroma from the wide variety of aromatic herbs and plants native to the Sierra de Mariola that are used to make it.

Here at Licores Sinc we always use the very best quality distilled spirits from their place of origin. We can assure you that drinking Herbero La Cava is an experience of pure enjoyment. We know you will agree when you try it.

The miniature format is perfect for gifts at events and special celebrations.