Our Cantueso Serpis is backed by the Regulatory Council of Traditional Spirits of Alicante, under the name Cantueso Alicantino, obtained by distillation and maceration of the flower and the peduncle of the cantueso plant in neutral alcohol of agricultural origin, with an alcoholic degree of 30% by volume, with a minimum sugar content of 100 grams per liter, expressed as invert sugar, and with a dark transparent coloration.It is then washed and air-dried in low-light locations and stored in cool, dry and low-light locations until used.

All this gives the Cantueso Serpis that characteristic flavor typical of the distillation of the cantueso, velvety and at the same time warm, with a wild flavor very denoted, own of the flower of the cantueso for its perfect tasting serve in small glass at a temperature of 2º to 4º.