Only the selection of refined cereals and crystal clear water can achieve such a neutral, pure product. Premium Icelandic Selected Vodka is made following an artisan method, giving it the best flavour. The most meticulous care and attention coupled with a triple distillation reveals the amazing quality of this Premium vodka.

The coldest snow falls on the highest mountains and filters through the limestone creating pure springs, which are the origins of the unmistakable crystal clear quality of Premium Icelandic Selected Vodka.

Premium Icelandic Selected Vodka is perfect for people who are both experts and lovers of vodka. Try it and enjoy a texture and special delicacy that you have never found in any other vodka.

Our Premium Icelandic Selected Vodka is an exclusive product, highly suitable for drinking straight or combining in whichever way you prefer. There are many options, just adapt it to your own personal tastes, although just served straight and chilled it is a resounding success.

This type of distilled spirit is one of the most popular and never goes out of fashion. From now on, Icelandic vodka is the perfect base for the most sophisticated cocktails.

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