Gilkon’s Pink is a Strawberry Gin, a drink that wins people over for its perfect combination of strawberry and traditional gin.


Gilkon’s Pink Strawberry Gin is an unusual gin for people in search of something new, with an attractive clear pink colour and just the right amount of strawberry to give it a seductive and exceptional flavour in the mouth, flooding the palate with pleasing yet contradictory sensations. Gilkon’s Pink is pure passion.


Gilkon’s Pink is 37.5% Vol.  and is available in a 700 ml bottle.

Tasting Notes: Gilkon’s Pink has the perfect combination of flavours, with strawberry, fantastic red berries and traditional gin. The strawberry aroma predominates in the nose, with a special background touch of juniper native to the Sierra de Mariola mountains and the aroma of ripe citrus fruits. Clean in the mouth, with the noticeable presence of strawberries, strong hints of juniper and light touches of coriander.


Suggestions: Gilkon’s Pink Strawberry Gin is a spirit that can be drunk in many ways, according to preference:

  • You can enjoy drinking it straight or on the rocks to let its combination of flavours and the taste of strawberries speak for themselves.
  • You can use it to prepare a range of cocktails, giving them a special flavour and aroma.
  • Plus, of course, you can mix it with soda or tonic water to make a very special gin & tonic with a unique flavour, in which the strawberry really brings out the excellent qualities of this popular drink.


Product name:



Alcohol Content

37.5 % Vol.


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