Los licores de cremas son bebidas alcohólicas dulces que incorporan la crema de leche entre sus ingredientes principales. Muchos licores crema tienen un color beige muy característico y un sabor muy agradable en el paladar. En Licores Sin contamos con cinco licores crema: El licor crema de horchata, Que Chido licor crema de fresas con ágave, licor crema con ourjo Prestixio, la Kçalla crema de anís y el licor crema de arroz Punta de Sant Pere.

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It is very delicate in the mouth, with a noticeable flavour of rice plus delicate, subtle hints of milk, cinnamon and citrus fruit, flooding the palate with its exquisite flavour.

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The kçalla anise cream is a traditional and modern product at the same time as it combines the drink of all life with current touches as it is the flavor of the cream with notes to intense and refreshing anise.

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With a macerated artisan and a careful selection of the best marc, Licores Sinc brings the cream of Orujo Prestixio. A cream of soft liquor, with an exquisite flavor and full of aromas and sensations for the palate.

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Descubre el auténtico sabor de la horchata valenciana con nuestro nuevo Licor Crema de Horchata. Una deliciosa mezcla de crema fresca de leche y licor de horchata de Chufa.

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Our cream liquor Que Chido of strawberries with Agave is elaborated according to the traditional model. Strawberry liqueur is a world-famous liqueur drink made of strawberry liqueur.

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